Parts & Repairs

We provide a fast and reliable service for parts and repairs to your vehicle. For enquiries relating to any of our services, call us now on 01179 466 444.

Tyres and Exhausts

Tyres & Exhausts

Here at Karly Kars we can replace your tyres and exhaust at fast fit prices but using fully guaranteed, quality parts.

From a budget tyre to a premium brand or from a simple rear silencer to a complete exhaust system with catalytic convertor we can offer quality workmanship at affordable prices so why not call us for a ‘no nonsense’ quote today.

Car Diagnostic Machine


Today’s vehicles are controlled by a complex system of computers and sensors requiring not only the latest technology to diagnose problems but the highest quality technicians to properly carry out the diagnosis.

Using the latest handheld equipment we are able to rectify faults not only to engine emissions systems but to all major ancillaries such as airbags, ABS and traction control on all the main car manufacturers’ models.

So whether its just resetting a service light or some free advice on engine management warning lights please feel free to call us.

Clutche and Cambelts

Cambelts & Clutches

Your cars cam belt is its most important system, failing to replace it at the recommended intervals can be very costly as a broken belt will seriously damage the engine.

Using the correct setting tools and top quality parts we can replace your cam belt and tensioner at a fraction of the dealer’s price so call us today for a quote and avoid the heartache of a large repair bill.