About Us

In 1984 as a young engineering undergraduate in need of financial support Karl Wolstenholme began renovating old VW Beetles in his spare time. This rapidly grew into a very busy vehicle restoration company, Karly Kars.

Based on the A38 near Thornbury the business continued to grow for the next ten years not only specialising in Beetles and camper vans but also old English sports cars such as e-type Jags and MGCs

Looking for a new challenge, and joined by his brother Nathan, Karly Kars took over the already established Redland Auto Service Centre in the mid 1990s, and with their unique blend of engineering and technical expertise coupled with a strong policy of honest business practice and a “fair price for a fair job” the business soon grew again into the friendly busy garage that is the Karly Kars of today.

We offer the complete range of services needed by today’s motorist, from changing simple light bulbs to the complex diagnosis and repair of computerised management systems found on the 21st century’s vehicles.

More importantly, our stringent customer quality policy means that no work is carried out without prior agreement from you and always for the price quoted.